Our publishing-based team have created many mag’s and web sites on gaming. We’ve written tens of thousands of pages over the years so we can say that we are the best option for you.

Public Relations

Since we are in the industry for a long time, we have strong connections with the leading mag’s, web sites and newspapers. We have the capability of bringing your game/s into the fore of the region.


If you are looking for an extensive marketing campaign, we can help. From YouTube to Facebook, our team will make your campaign a success. We will be an extension of your company.

Media Planning

Our media experts strategise, negotiate and purchase ad placements while carefully considering the product to be advertised, the target audience, and the campaign goals.


We have all the necessary tools and partners to organize online & offline tournaments or arrange your participation in the biggest gaming events in Turkey for the game/s you want to keep alive.


Our unique portfolio of tools helps us uncover insights that inform your decision-making. Supported by our experts’ knowledge of your business, we tailor solutions to help you drive growth.

Video Production

Video is the best way to tell the world about your game, and we can work with you to create all manner of video content and trailers that not only look impressive, but also help inform gamers.


Working with professional teams and players, organizers and sports clubs we can provide either quick or ongoing advice to help you navigate the ever changing landscape of the esports industry.